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Trying to categorize the services we provide is difficult, there are just so many!  The following services are just some of the more common services we provide.  If you have a need not listed below, please call us!  We would love to talk with you about your situation, and more than likely we've got you covered!  At the very least, we're happy to provide some helpful advice on all the options available for seniors.


Many seniors don't need 24 hour - around the clock - care.  They simply need a little help around the house, someone to run errands with, or just a friendly face to brighten their week.  With Christian Companions' Companion Care your caregiver will do household chores: wash the dishes, laundry, change the sheets, vacuum, etc.  Our caregivers will be a friend, engaging their clients in conversation, playing board games, or even going to the park!  Many of our caregivers are excellent cooks as well, they can prepare meals either from your personal recipes or let you try some of their family's favorites!  


Because we are a Christian company we offer all our services from a Christian perspective and would be overjoyed to read the Bible or daily devotions, and even pray with you as well!


Christian Companions' Personal Care is for seniors with mobility issues that may be fall risks, or need assistance with personal hygiene, bathing,  or feeding, 

When it comes to a senior's personal care, you have to know what you're doing. Our caregivers are well equipped to handle all personal care needs and have been trained to spot potential complications before they become an issue. 

Just like our Companion Care, we provide our Personal Care from a Christian perspective, encouraging our clients with the Word of God and knowledge that He watches over our every step.


Nursing homes are not the answer!  Even at the nicest nursing homes it is hard to get the care you need.  Most nursing home staff are over worked and cannot provide the individualized care our seniors deserve.  With Christian Companion Live-In Care you have our undivided attention, allowing your loved one to stay in their home, where they are comfortable, where they know their surroundings, where they can feel loved.  A caregiver in a live-in situation becomes connected with their client.  As time goes on they becomes attuned to their client's needs, usually being able to fix problems without the client even voicing their concern. With the lowest daily rate of any agency in Houston, Live-In Care is more affordable than you think, and the benefits are without measure.

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