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Embrace the Season: Springtime Activities to Keep Seniors Engaged and Happy

Spring has sprung!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where the weather is starting to clear up, flowers are blooming, and our winter bones are starting to warm up again.

Spring is also a wonderful time for seniors to shake off that winter funk and get back into the activities that they love, or even pick up some new ones.

Christian Companions Houston knows just how nice spring can be for the health of seniors so we’ve made a list of some great springtime activities for seniors.


Gardening is a wonderful activity for seniors that can help them be more active and enjoy the change in the climate. The great thing about gardening is there are several levels to it and anyone can find the kind of gardening they prefer to do.

Seniors can enjoy taking care of small plants within their home by learning about the plants, and how to care for it. This helps them establish a routine of care and has significant health benefits. A great idea for indoor gardening is to start a small herb garden where seniors can grow things like basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and even mint!

Not only will seniors enjoy the act of taking care of plants but they’ll be able to harvest the fruits, err, herbs of their labor and use them in their everyday dishes! There’s nothing quite like breaking off a bit of rosemary from your own garden and sprinkling it into your dish.

We’ve mentioned how gardening can be beneficial to seniors before but it bears repeating. Gardening can have significant physical and mental health benefits for seniors. From the exercise associated, the sense of accomplishment, and the act of interacting and being in nature, gardening is a great activity for seniors to get into this spring.

Our caregivers here at Christian Companions Houston can assist seniors with gardening tasks such as preparing the soil, planting, watering and even assistance in planning what plants would be best to grow.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to clean out our homes and reorganize our living spaces. With the arrival of new, warmer weather, it’s a great time to rearrange our living spaces so that they’re less cluttered and more practical for our activities.

Spring cleaning can sometimes seem like a daunting task, depending on the size of our space, but that’s where our compassionate caregivers at Christian Companions can help! Our caregivers can assist seniors in decluttering their spaces and tidying up their home. By breaking down the task into smaller, more manageable steps, seniors and their caregivers can make really good progress without ever feeling overwhelmed. Having more space and less clutter helps to make the home safer for seniors and gives more room for their new hobbies, such as gardening! It also makes our spaces more inviting and easier to entertain guests.

Outdoor Activities

Spring is the perfect time for seniors to start new outdoor routines. Whether it’s starting a walking routine, bird watching, or even just heading to the park for a light picnic, spring is the perfect time for taking advantage of Houston’s clearer skies and warmer weather.

Our caregivers here at Christian Companions can help seniors with transportation and be a walking partner that accompanies them on their walks and outings. They can also ensure that seniors have all of the supplies they might need, such as comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing, and extra water and snacks.

Christian Companions Houston is here to help the senior citizen in your life age in place with grace. Our compassionate caregivers are eager to assist seniors live a full life from the comfort of their own home. Please reach out to us today for a completely free consultation and see how we can create a care plan that caters to the particular needs of your loved one.


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