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Free Covid-19 At-Home Tests

All households in the United States were eligible to receive 4 at-home covid tests for free in January and 4 more free tests in March. The website to order the tests,, is open again and this time each household is eligible for 8 free at-home covid tests.

The current covid positivity rate in Houston is low but, as you can read in our Quick Covid-19 Update for May, the numbers are increasing. Covid-19 is much more dangerous for the seniors in our lives than for the general public so it is important to take steps to protect them. One of the ways we can help protect the elderly population is to take a covid test before visiting your elder loved ones. It is highly recommended to not visit the elderly when you are feeling sick; but if you must, a covid test is a good precaution to take before your visit.

The tests provided by are at-home test that give results in 30 minutes. No need to go wait in a line to get tested, you can do the test right at home with no assistance from a nurse or doctor!


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