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How Seniors Can Dress for Success- Adaptive Clothing

Taking care of a loved one with limited mobility, physical limitations, sensory sensitivities, or even cognitive challenges can make getting dressed a pretty laborious task. Mom or Dad may not be able to fit into the same clothes as before, or they might struggle with particularly finicky straps or buttons that make it difficult for them to dress themselves. Needing someone to help them begin their day or even leave their room can become a sense of stress and anxiety for our loved ones. This is where adaptive clothing comes in to help mitigate troubles associated with getting dressed and helping start the day with less frustration.

What is adaptive clothing?

Adapted clothing, at its foundation, is any article of clothing that replaces traditional closures such as buttons, zippers, or shoe strings for easier, more manageable mechanisms. Adaptive clothing isn't limited by just its closing mechanics, but can also include designs that allow for an easier range of motion or materials that aren’t too abrasive on the skin. For example, there are some pants that rise lower in the front and higher in the back for those who use a wheelchair. Shoes that allow a wearer to slip them on and off without much force required. There are even some manufacturers of sensory friendly clothing that don't have tags or bulky fasteners.

Benefits of adaptive clothing

A loved one with limited mobility or cognitive difficulties, might spend a significantly longer time getting ready for their day than we might realize. They may even have to wait until an assistant can help them with daily tasks such as getting out of bed, brushing their teeth, or getting dressed. Adaptive clothing helps by allowing them a greater opportunity for dressing themselves easier, quicker, and with minimal assistance from others.

Whereas regular clothing may take a senior quite a few minutes to get dressed, with adaptive clothing that same dressing routine takes a fraction of that time. Not only does adaptive clothing help in getting dressed quicker, but it allows a senior the opportunity to begin their day without the frustration of being unable to dress themselves or wasting so much time and effort to do so.

The ability for seniors to dress themselves or even simply assist their caregiver in dressing them can help foster pride and positivity. This positivity is a huge plus for seniors, especially those that may be prone to depression or anxiety. Adaptive clothing can help seniors get dressed and also helps in changing and undressing with minimal to no assistance. Seniors can benefit from a greater sense of independence in keeping themselves comfortable by removing or changing their articles of clothing without needing others to assist them.

Some Houston retailers where you can find adaptive clothing include Kohl's, Target, and even JCPenney. There are some online retailers of adaptive clothing like Silverts, Zappos and Buck & Buck to name a few.

Christian Companions are here to help! Our caregivers would love the opportunity to help your loved one find clothes that fit them and their lifestyle. If you or a loved one could benefit from aging in place assistance in the Houston area, please reach out to us today. Our qualified and compassionate caregivers can help your loved one in a variety of areas to ensure they age in place with grace.


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