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Winter 2022 Socializing Events for Seniors-Houston

With winter arriving, it might become harder and harder to get your senior citizen out of the house. But social interaction is absolutely crucial to the well-being of anyone, especially aging senior citizens.

But don’t let outside weather or gloomy skies keep your senior citizen cooped up. There are so many ways that senior citizens can still be social this winter, even from the comfort of their own homes.

Christian Companions Houston knows just how important social interaction and events are for senior citizens and we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few events and ideas that will help keep your senior citizen active and social this winter:

Jingle Bell Senior Fest

There is the 2022 Jingle Bell Senior Fest where participants can enjoy pictures with Santa, music, dancing, games, giveaways, and door prizes. There will also be plenty of resources and speakers for senior citizens.

Event info:

Date: Thursday, December 1

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: St. Dominic’s Village Auditorium (Texas Medical Center)

2022 Senior Citizen Resources Fair

There is also the 2022 Senior Citizen Resources Fair held at the Stafford Center for Performing Arts. This year’s fair is luau themed so grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt and enjoy the free event. Seniors can expect a free lunch, swag bags, a health screening and more.

Event info:

Date: Wednesday, December 14

Time: 10am-2pm Location: Stafford Center for Performing Arts

Virtual Events

Virtual events are an amazing way to give your senior citizen an opportunity to engage with others and socialize, without having to go out into the winter weather. And the best part is you can choose live activities that allow for more conversation and engagement or, you can choose an event that is prerecorded and go at your own pace.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Does your senior citizen love to cook?

Being in the kitchen and handling fresh ingredients is great for elevating moods and virtual cooking classes is a great way for senior citizens to stay engaged.

There are plenty of resources where senior citizens can choose a course from top chefs from around the world and follow along.

Virtual cooking classes have the added benefit of being several times less expensive than traditional, in-person, classes. And the best part? You get to eat the entire meal afterwards!

If mom or dad live a bit far away, you could even have a video call with them and cook alongside them. Let the grand kids call grandma or grandpa and you can both try making the same meal. It’s a wonderful way to create a sense of community and connection when it's simply not possible to be in the same space.

Language learning classes

Has your beloved senior citizen ever expressed interest in learning a new language?

Language learning classes are another great way for your senior citizen to engage with others, socialize, and have the added benefit of learning a new language!

There are plenty of new service providers that offer either synchronous or asynchronous learning opportunities but here at Christian Companions, we think that synchronous (live) classes are the better option for senior citizens looking to be a little more social.

You get to chat about things with your instructor and within a few sessions, hopefully, your senior citizen will be able to chat in a different language.

Here at Christian Companions Houston, we know how important it is that senior citizens keep engaged and stay social. If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from an extra hand around the holidays, please don't hesitate to reach out today. From medication help, light housekeeping, making appointments, or just companionship, our compassionate caretakers are ready to help the loved one in your life age in place with grace.


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